alice duggan
Dr. Alice Duggan 
Career Technology Administrator
phone:  (228) 435-6318 
Welcome to Biloxi Career Technology Center.  One of the keys to improving student achievement is providing students with a district-developed, sequential set of courses that include academic and career and technical education courses that are logical, challenging , and aligned to industry-recognized and college readiness standards.  Career and Technical Education actively partners with employers to design and provide high-quality programs founded in the standards that students must meet to compete in the job market.  Through advisory committees, internships, job shadowing, and other interactions, employers are able to share information about expectations, technical requirements and workplace etiquette-driving innovation and world-class performance. 

“Pathways to Success” is a program that realistically prepares a student for a promising career based on his or her unique interests and abilities. Students narrow their fields of interest from a broad group of careers by choosing from one of sixteen Career Clusters that will best serve them. Ten of Sixteen Career Clusters, which are nationally mandated, are offered through our Career and Technical programs at Biloxi High School.

 **It is a policy of the Biloxi Public Schools that no one shall be denied the benefits of or denied participation in any activity or program of the school, or be subjected to discrimmination in any form of color, national origin, sex, or handicap.**